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    Everything rises and falls on leadership, not theology

Without a change in thinking, there won't be a change in action

Desire to learn

Many people stop learning when they graduate. However, learning is at its best when it’s lifelong. In order for there to be change, you must learn from the present and look to the future. Change begins when you learn to think.

But a change in thinking is not enough. You must also put thought into action. Theory and ideas are applied in practice between the coaching sessions by boldly trying new things in your own environment. Only through a change in thinking leading to a change in action will your working culture change.


We will give just a few answers,
but ask a lot of good questions.

The Core

Bold Experiments
Revolutionised Thinking
Strong Network

Step aside and let your teammates lead

Themes of the program

Theme no.


Leading the learning process

The world is constantly changing, and when talking about change, learning is at the core. Team learning will accelerate the learning process. How can awareness and learning be accelerated? How can shared knowledge lead to mutual understanding?

Theme no.


The New Normal of Leading

Leadership is in turmoil. What if there is no normal anymore? Hierarchies will vanish, networking will increase, and everyone will be expected to lead. What kind of leader is needed during this time? Are leaders needed anymore?

Theme no.


Customer as an Innovator

Your customer is the core element of your organisation. Have you ever listened to your customer? What are their struggles and burdens? What would happen if they became a part of your team?

Theme no.


The Identity of the Organisation

A brand doesn't own its customers, but the customers possess the brand. What is the identity of your organisation? Where can it be found? How is it reflected through the dialogue in different environments?

Theme no.


The Identity of the Coaching Leader

What comes in when you come into the room? Deep inside, who are you? Where do you need to be? Is there somewhere that you are not called to be?

Theme no.


Creating something new

A common theme throughout all the coaching sessions is creating something new. Where can different theories be found? How can these theories be combined or adapted to suit your needs? What happens after this coaching process? What is the something new that you will start to create?

What are we offering you?

The crucial element for change

Grow as a leader

During the coaching process you will develop your personal leadership skills through learning, coaching as well as in innovating. You will learn to coach teams, find your coaching identity and create an activity-packed culture in your organisation.

Take everything with you to your organisation

Development is not limited to you. Your organisation gets better when you get better. All ideas and methods that are born during the process are immediately put into practise. The intensive training sessions are inspiring in a relaxed setting. Connect the learning experience during the process with real scenarios in everyday life by learning from others what can be done in practice, and what should not be done in practice.

Develop your own tools

Our coaching gives you many of the latest theories and tools when working with various teams. However, the most important lesson you will learn is how to develop both your own and shared knowledge and skills using suitable tools for you.

Share your enthusiasm and recharge your batteries

You will jump into a network where sharing the enthusiasm is inevitable. Managing change is demanding and requires a lot of work, but being part of a good network will charge your batteries and get you energised. You do not need to work alone!

International Calendar



Master's Coaches

Leading the Learning process 30.-2.12.2016
Leading the Learning process 6.-8.2.2017
The New Normal of Leadership 5.-7.4.2017
Customer as an Innovator 7.-9.6.2017
Identity of the Organisation 27.-29.9.2017
Identity of the Coaching Leader 5.-8.2.2018

International (NL)


Master's Coaches

Leading the Learning process 9.-11.1.2017
The New Normal of Leadership 29.-31.5.2017
Customer as an Innovator 28.-29.8.2017
Identity of the Organisation 30.10.-1.11.2017
Identity of the Coaching Leader 5.-8.2.2018

Theological insights on team coaching

Pastor’s corner

If things don’t go so well… it is usually not because of your theology but your leadership. 

We work with pastors and leaders from all denominations. All of them have seen benefits both in their organisations and in their personal leadership. The reason why over 100 pastors or church leaders have completed this process during the last 6 years is because they have seen a massive change in their collaquies – more focus, great teams, less burn out, happier marriage and clear personal identity. This really works – ask those who have completed the process.

Learn how to coach and lead “New Testament style” – the methods of Jesus and Paul!

People think that Jesus answered everyone’s questions. In fact Jesus was the greatest presenter of questions. In the gospels he answered questions with counter question 307 times, asked 183 direct questions and only answered 3 of them. Asking questions was one of the key methods that Jesus used. He wanted the people to think for themselves.

Second method of Jesus is taking the training directly to the market place. Instead of teaching through lectures Jesus emphasised learning by doing with the real “customers”.

The contemporary and educated language Paul used was the common language of the time. By using present-day language and by encouraging reading of books from your local library, we give new purpose for the church of today and future.

A life-changing experience and process.

We have been involved with many types of Christian training before, but we are always left with a question; what happens in between these training events? How can we implement permanent leadership solutions and life changes? The success of our labour has to do with finding our personal leadership identity.

Pastors and leaders struggle to train and motivate their team members to bring fruit in the mission field. They try to do it alone, which leads to slow growth or decline and eventually burnout or leaving ministry. We believe that this is not their fault. It is the way we have been trained to do ministry. We need pastors with a clear identity of themselves and their mission.

Some of our core team have been training leaders in Finland for over 30 years and this coaching program has been offered for 6 years running. The results of the last 5 years have been extraordinary compared to the first 25 years in our mission!

Now we have felt God’s call to extend the network of the Master’s Coaches ID -program to other countries. In order to fulfil God’s calling we invite you to participate for a 3 day coaching seminar to get a taste of a new way of leading your people –  “New Testament style”.

It is your time.

Do you see the light?